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Construction, consultation, design, and installation of crushing lines as well as mining contracting with all machinery from scratch to finish


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Providing innovative solutions in the mining industry with kara madan

With 18 years of brilliant experience and the utilization of knowledge and expertise from several experienced teams, this company is efficient, committed, and specialized in its field of activity. Additionally, with the use of machinery and tools owned by the company (including excavators, loaders, compressors, etc.), it is ready to collaborate with private and government companies and organizations.

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We have a very high standard
We work to achieve customer satisfaction

تجربه بالا

High experience

kara madan Company's extensive experience enables it to propose the best possible methods and solutions for mining and processing minerals. With the expertise and experience of its engineers, the company can creatively and intelligently improve mining efficiency and reduce mining costs

مهندسین مجرب

Experienced engineers

Experienced engineers at kara madan Company can better and more effectively design and execute mining projects with their expertise and experience. They can help the company to better and faster implement its projects by providing creative and experience-based solutions

مسئولیت پذیری


Project accountability is ensured through quality control and project management controls. kara madan Company carefully monitors all activities using project management systems, and any issues are promptly addressed

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Peace of mind at the time of ordering the project

With a specialized and experienced team, kara madan Company provides its customers with complete peace of mind in carrying out mining projects. We always strive for customer satisfaction with the services provided and make every effort to improve the quality of services available to our customers.

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Some of our projects

With its past experiences and technical knowledge, kara madan Company has undertaken a variety of mining projects in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, all of which have been completed with high quality and on time.

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kara madan Company, assistance in all stages of the project

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